Shimmer Shoes for Euroboden Berlin…

Now I have to say, singing and dancing (or trying my best to appear agile) in that harness was a BITCH!


But I had a blast! For sure one of my funnest show to date. What is NOT shown in the video was my acapella “Nature Boy” suspended 19 meters high while tons of rose petals showered the audience below ;) SO click HERE to check out the show. ENJOY!



Swanky high end architecture, sexy sultry sounds, who could ask for anything more?


I truly am a fan of this company EUROBODEN


Amazing work right down to the very last detail. Polished, incredibly well thought out, great design, and practicality. SO when they approached me about using my song “High on You” for one of the Architecture kultur films I was thrilled…


Click HERE to check it out


PHOTOSHOOT with Trevor Rains…



Ok, I write “Holiday inspiration” because I HOPE I can stay in this shape AFTER I have indulged in all of my holiday pleasures, mostly pigging out and well yes there is the booze. I had a blast shooting with Trevor who was a total sweety out in LA. Enjoy the pics! there’s more in the photo gallery.







GARRY KLEIN Dec. 7th 2011…


I don’t know if my CA, LI, FOR, NIA boys ass is ever gonna get used to this retched German cold! BUT. It was a different story in da CLUB!!! Ya came out despite the nasty weather and got me nice and warm… Oh yeah! Click on the link to ch ch check some of it out! 




Sonnenstr. 8

80331 Munich


BEAST Album Release Party @ Chantals House of Shame

Ok, you know the place…


Its hot, its crowded, its down and dirty and you love it! I am gonna be turnin it out at Chantals House of Shame at Bassey club in Berlin presenting you songs from my newly released album BEAST. Bring your ass and let your inner BEAST OUT!!!

Click on the link to check out how it went down ;)



Chantals House of Shame


Schönhauser Allee 176a

10119 Berlin

Palm Springs Pride with Oscar Loya!



Performing at the Palm Springs Pride festival was all kinds of awesome!

First off its my hometown and it was a chance for my entire familt to turn up and experience my show LIVE for the first time! Seeing all of my family in the audience was fo sho an experience! Was tempted to “tone it down” but in the end I just did me the way I always do and my family LOVED IT!

Here you can catch a small blurb of what my hometowns local news had to say and some highlights from the show. ENJOY!



Promo Shoot with Terry Hastings in Box Canyon

Ok So I come from the desert…


I have always wanted to do a shoot with really cool desert backdrops. Well its funny how things work out. On my last trip I was contacted by a photographer and baddaboom baddabing this shoot materialized and I LOVED IT. Am I vain? yes! can one ever take too many pictures? no! So by clicking on GALLERY you can see more… Its sort of Barbarella meets greek gods meets hot tranny latino meets dude come back and pick up this alien that got left behind… WAIT! COME BACK!!!! ok enough on to the pics :)