OSCAR LOYA and The Friedrichstadt-Palast Show Band

Now available Online!!!


Show Me

If you haven’t seen this mega show yet, you are missing out! Its stunning, glamorous, poetic, and simply outrageous and its starring me! :)
But for those of you who cant head over and enjoy it live, you can have a taste of some of the music…
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So its official folks…


As of October 2nd, I will be starring in the newest production of Berlins Friedrichstadt-Palast Theatre (the worlds biggest theatre stage and also the worlds biggest Revue show) “SHOW ME”. Over the top stage production in every sense of the word! Spectacular! Spectacular! 9 million euro budget, costumes by Christian Lacroix! and starring yours truly ;) Seriously this show is not to be missed. I have included a snippet of a fitting with one of my past design idols the incomparable Lacroix. Check it out!



Filming this video has been a truly amazing experience


not only in that it has been one of the most beautiful projects I have ever been involved with but also because of all the hard work of every person involved AAANNNDDD my BFF Jennifer Hanching was on set to make sure my face was always looking good. Jenn and I met and became the best of friends back in the days when I was a makeup artist! LLLOOOOOONNNNNGGG TIME AGO, for those of you didn’t know ;) Well guys, look forward to sharing the finished product. PEACE!


Shimmer Shoes for Euroboden Berlin…

Now I have to say, singing and dancing (or trying my best to appear agile) in that harness was a BITCH!


But I had a blast! For sure one of my funnest show to date. What is NOT shown in the video was my acapella “Nature Boy” suspended 19 meters high while tons of rose petals showered the audience below ;) SO click HERE to check out the show. ENJOY!


PHOTOSHOOT with Trevor Rains…



Ok, I write “Holiday inspiration” because I HOPE I can stay in this shape AFTER I have indulged in all of my holiday pleasures, mostly pigging out and well yes there is the booze. I had a blast shooting with Trevor who was a total sweety out in LA. Enjoy the pics! there’s more in the photo gallery.







GARRY KLEIN Dec. 7th 2011…


I don’t know if my CA, LI, FOR, NIA boys ass is ever gonna get used to this retched German cold! BUT. It was a different story in da CLUB!!! Ya came out despite the nasty weather and got me nice and warm… Oh yeah! Click on the link to ch ch check some of it out! 




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